On this page is a list of websites that you may find of interest. We do not necessarily endorse or agree with all content on these sites, but they provide much food for thought.


Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ancient America – ‘the ongoing exploration’

Ancient Trenches – megaliths, etc

Ancient Wisdom Foundation – online search facility

Arthuriana – ‘studies in early medieval history and legend’

Atlantipedia – ‘A-Z guide to the search for Plato’s Atlantis’

Don’s Maps – resources for study of the Palaeolithic

Golden Age Project – the Patrick Foundation

Megalithomania – Irish prehistory

Megalithic Portal – database of megalithic sites

Migration & Diffusion of culture – Dr. Christine Pellech et al

Milky Way Mythology – the origin of global creation stories

Minoan Atlantis – Minoan arts and sciences

Mythical Ireland – ‘new light on the ancient past’

Newgrange – World Heritage Site (Ireland)

Northern Antiquarian – archaeology of Britain and Ireland

Sacred Connections Scotland – historical research, etc

Sacred Sites – ‘places of peace and power’

Stone Circles – the prehistoric sites of Great Britain

Stone Pages – megalithic Europe

Author/researcher websites:

Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare – Sacred Lands Publishing

Paul Broadhurst – Mythos Press

Richard Cassaro – ‘lost ancient wisdom’

John Chapple – Britain’s Hidden History

Andrew Collins – science and history writer and author

Michael Cremo – Forbidden Archaeology

Paul Devereux – author and managing editor of Time & Mind

Kathy Doore – Labyrinthina

Paul Dunbavin – Third Millennium Publishing

Ralph Ellis – Edfu Books

Gary Gilligan – God King Scenario

Caitlin Green – website and blog of Dr Caitlin Green

Graham Hancock – bestselling author

Robin Heath – megalithic researcher and author

Peter Knight – Stone Seeker

Graham Phillips – author and ‘historical detective’

Robert M. Schoch – renowned geologist

Freddie Silva – ancient mysteries and alternative history

Michael Tellinger – author, researcher and more

Organisations, groups and societies:

Gatekeeper Trust (UK)

Institute of Archaeomythology

Network of Leyhunters (UK)

Prehistoric Society

Research into Lost Knowledge Organisation (RILKO)

Society of Interdisciplinary Studies

Society of Leyhunters (UK)

Wessex Research Group

Magazines and journals:

Ancient American – archaeology of Americas before Columbus

Archaeology – publication of Archaeological Inst of America

Arthuriana – Journal of Arthurian Studies

Current Archaeology – UK archaeology magazine

Current World Archaeology – world archaeology magazine

Meyn Mamvro – ancient stones and sacred sites in Cornwall

Natural history:

American Museum of Natural History – New York

Dinosaur News – archival site of Dinosaurnews

Forbidden History – dinosaurs and the Bible

Jack Horner’s World of Dinosaurs – website

Natural History Magazine – US based magazine

Natural History Museum – London

Museum of the Rockies – Montana, USA

Palaeoanthropology Society – hominid evolution

Prehistoric Wildlife – online guide to prehistoric creatures

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology – Alberta, Canada

Society for the History of Natural History – UK organisation