On this page is a list of websites that you may find of interest. We do not necessarily endorse or agree with all their content, but they provide much food for thought.


Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ancient America – ‘the ongoing exploration’

Ancient Trenches – megaliths, etc

Ancient Wisdom Foundation – online search facility

Arthuriana – ‘studies in early medieval history and legend’

Antiquity Reborn – ‘mathematical holistic orientation-based dating method’

Atlantipedia – ‘A-Z guide to the search for Plato’s Atlantis’

Britain’s Hidden History – King Arthur, Khymric race and more

Don’s Maps – resources for study of the Palaeolithic

Golden Age Project – the Patrick Foundation

Megalithomania – UK conference

Megalithomania – Irish prehistory

Megaliths.net – The megaliths as astronomy and land survey system

Migration & Diffusion of culture – Dr. Christine Pellech et al

Milky Way Mythology – the origin of global creation stories

Newgrange – World Heritage Site (Ireland)

Sacred Connections Scotland – historical research, etc

Author/researcher websites:

Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare – Sacred Lands Publishing

Paul Broadhurst – Mythos Press

Richard Cassaro – ‘lost ancient wisdom’

Andrew Collins – science and history writer and author

Michael Cremo – Forbidden Archaeology

Paul Devereux – author and managing editor of Time & Mind

Rory Duff – geologist and author of Grail Found

Paul Dunbavin – Third Millennium Publishing

Ralph Ellis – Edfu Books

Gary Gilligan – God King Scenario

Caitlin Green – website and blog of Dr Caitlin Green

Graham Hancock – bestselling author

Robin Heath – megalithic researcher and author

Peter Knight – Stone Seeker

Robert John Langdon – Prehistoric Britain

Graham Phillips – author and ‘historical detective’

Joanna Pyrgies – archaeotravel.eu

Robert M. Schoch – renowned geologist

Freddie Silva – ancient mysteries and alternative history

Michael Tellinger – author, researcher and more

Natural history:

Forbidden History – dinosaurs and the Bible

Jack Horner’s World of Dinosaurs – website

Natural History Magazine – US based magazine

Palaeoanthropology Society – hominid evolution

Prehistoric Wildlife – online guide to prehistoric creatures


Catastrophism Online – catastrophism in ancient history and the sciences

Cosmic Tusk – abrupt climate change caused by comets

SIS resources page – lots more links!

The Electric Universe Theory – about the electric universe theory

The Thunderbolts Project – ‘collaborative voice of the Electric Universe movement’

The Velikovsky Encyclopedia – ‘the Immanuel Velikovsky database’