The Hollow Earth theory proposes that planet Earth is entirely hollow or contains a substantial interior space. The scientific consensus is that it is not a viable hypothesis. Nonetheless, the videos below provide some food for thought. Of course, other videos (and books and webpages) are also available, some supportive, and others asserting the scientific consensus. As is often the case, doing your own research is recommended.

Short video

Could there be another world deep within our own planet?

Clip from Season 10, Episode 6 “The Other Earth”, Ancient Aliens, the History channel

Long video

‘Hollow Earth Science’ talk by Dr Brooks Agnew at Contact in the Desert conference

Selected books

  • The Land of No Horizon – the Inner Earth holds the secret to the origins of humanity (by Taylor & Taylor, 2001)
  • Is Earth Really a Solid?: The Evidence Reexamined (by Oliver Milatovic)
  • World Top Secret: our Earth IS Hollow! (by Rodney M Cluff)
  • Lost Continents & The Hollow Earth (by David Hatched Childress, 1999)