ASLAN Hub is designed to feature articles from a range of authors and contributors, to provide a breadth of different perspectives and feature new information as it comes to light. Therefore, we positively welcome the submission of articles for publication.

Why contribute an article?

So what’s in it for you, the article author? Well, having your material published on ASLAN Hub helps to share your knowledge and insights on a particular topic. This can help showcase your research and reach new audiences.

Articles are also viewable in the WordPress blogging platform, and we share links with our Twitter followers. At the end of the article, we can include a brief biography, including a photo (or other image/icon) and contact details / a link to your website (as appropriate).

Just to be clear, ASLAN Hub is run on a not-for-profit basis, so we are unable to offer any payment for your article. If it is of interest, we can display a banner publicising an event, conference or tour that you are involved with – please get in touch to discuss further.

What to write about?

We welcome articles on our areas of focus that are of interest to our readers. Our preference is for articles to offer greater insights or a new angle on a particular topic, compared to existing information available online (e.g. the Wikipedia page for that topic).

Your article may relate to existing expertise you hold, it may represent your research into a new topic of interest, or it could follow your own visit to an ancient site.

Alternatively, your article could introduce a book that you are publishing, or review someone else’s book that has been published.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for:

  • well-informed and researched articles, normally between 450 and 3000 words in length;
  • articles that are your own work, with the work of others in quotation marks, and with sources or references supplied at the end;
  • original material – although sometimes we can feature work already published elsewhere, if we have permission to do so;
  • if possible, images to accompany your article, which should either be your own work, or public domain / creative commons (with attribution).
So what happens next?

If you are interested in contributing an article, please initially get in touch via our contact page – whether it’s with an idea or a fully-fledged article in mind. We can then reply and you will have our email address to send the article to.

After you have submitted your article, we aim to respond within two weeks (although it could be within two or three days). If we like your article, we will let you know whether we feel any changes might be needed prior to publication, and when we’ll be able to publish it.

You retain ownership of your article (and should you want it removed from ASLAN Hub for any reason in future, we will do so). Likewise, we reserve the right to remove your article from the website without notice (although normally there would be a good reason for us doing so).

Any other queries?

Should you have any other queries, please get in touch via our contact page.