Contributor guidelines

Having your work published as an article ASLAN Hub is one way of sharing your knowledge and insights on a particular topic.

It can also help showcase your work and reach new audiences – we share new posts with our Twitter followers, and on our Facebook and Google Plus pages. They can also be seen by subscribers to our publishing platform,

We ask that articles for publication are well-researched and presented, of relevance and interest to ASLAN Hub readers, and usually between 500 and 3000 words in length.

Just a few other things to bear in mind…

  • If we like your article we may publish straight away, although sometimes it could take a little longer.

  • If for any reason we need to edit your article before publication, we’ll run any substantive edits past you beforehand.

  • In some instances, we may not be able to publish – we’ll let you know as soon as possible how things stand.

  • And finally, ASLAN Hub is not-for-profit and so unfortunately we can’t offer payment or other form of recompense for your work.