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Also accessible via www.ancient-sites.net.

Main focus…

  • Seeking alternative explanations and deeper meanings;
  • For the many ancient mysteries and hidden histories;
  • Including the rise and fall of peoples and cultures;
  • And catastrophic events in recent human history;
  • From around 1000 AD to 15,000 BC and earlier;
  • In Britain, Ireland, Europe and beyond.

Areas of interest…

  • Ancient sites – ancient and sacred sites, landscapes, earthworks and monuments
  • Ancient peoples – civilisations, cultures, migrations, traditions and beliefs
  • Ancient wisdom – sacred geometry, rock art, patterns, geomancy, calendars
  • Myths and legends – gods and goddesses, epic tales and lost lands
  • The sky above – celestial bodies, astronomy, cosmology and catastrophism
  • The earth below – Planet Earth, earth changes, earth energy, gravity, pole shifts
  • Natural history – dinosaurs and megafauna

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