ASLAN Hub is a website featuring articles, news and research on Ancient Sites, Landscapes, Archaeology and Natural history.


As you may have noticed, ASLAN is the acronym we are using for our main subject areas of focus. ‘Aslan’ is a Turkic word for ‘Lion’, and it’s also the name of the fictional lion in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

Our audience…

ASLAN Hub is mainly for those with an amateur interest in subjects we cover, although it may be of interest to those with a professional interest as well. It is for those who seek a deeper understanding of our land and landscape, of human history and origins, and of ancient mysteries.

Areas of focus…

The main subject areas covered are:

  • Ancient Sites – well-known places around the world that are of historic, prehistoric or cultural significance
  • Landscapes – pathways and tracks, earthworks and other large-scale endeavors that have altered the human landscape
  • Archaeology – new finds and discoveries that change the way we view our past, and our origins
  • Natural history – all creatures great and small, from dinosaurs to microbes, and not forgetting plant-life as well

The geographical focus is the British Isles and Northern Europe, with occasional articles on places further afield. The chronological focus is everything before 1000 AD, with occasional straying into more recent times.

Comments and feedback…

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We welcome the submission of articles for publication on ASLAN Hub – here are the contributor guidelines. Please do get in touch if you have any ideas for an article, or other kinds of content that would appeal to our readers.

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Thanks for dropping by

Mark – Editor – ASLAN Hub