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What’s the website all about?

The website started off in 2017 and it has gradually grown since then.

Most articles are written by the website founder, but some are by other authors.

The areas of focus include ancient mysteries and hidden histories, the rise and fall of peoples and cultures, and evidence for catastrophism.

Geographically, the focus is worldwide but with a fair few articles on Britain and Ireland.

Chronologically the main focus is on the last 15,000 years.

Why ASLAN hub?

The website’s acronym comes from: Ancient Sites, Landscapes, Archaeology and Natural history. (‘Aslan’ was also the fictional lion in The Chronicles of Narnia).

However, a similar acronym is being used by the Ancient Sacred Landscape Network. Plus, aslanhub.com has never been much of a ‘hub’.

So we’re thinking of changing the website’s domain name. You’re welcome to have your say in our poll. Thank you for your feedback.

Which website and domain name are the best?

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