ASLAN Hub features articles, news and research on Ancient Sites, Landscapes, Archaeology and Natural history. It is for those who seek a deeper understanding of our land and landscape, of human history and origins, and of ancient mysteries.


As you may have noticed, ASLAN is the acronym we are using for the website’s areas of focus. You may also be aware that Aslan is the name of the fictional lion in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. In addition, it is the Turkic word for ‘Lion’.

Why ASLAN Hub?

The reason for setting up this website is to provide a web-portal that:

(a) features articles and content that is of interest to readers, providing information, education, inspiration and perhaps even entertainment; and

(b) allows authors and researchers to share their ideas, showcase their work and receive feedback via comments; and

(c) enables readers to pursue their own research and explore ideas further, whether that be elsewhere on the web, reading books or going to conferences, tours and events.

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Mark – Editor – ASLAN Hub

Current header image is Castlerigg stone circle, Lake District, England

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