Featured book: ‘Albion Dreamtime’

Albion Dreamtime - part of the book's front cover

Peter Knight and Sue Wallace’s latest book was published as of midsummer 2019. It is called Albion Dreamtime – Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons.

Albion – and indeed the Isle of Dragons – refers to Britain, and in totality the book covers England, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

It features 100 of Britain’s most magical, natural sacred places, including waterfalls, fairy glens, rocking stones, ancient forests, caves and sacred rock outcrops.

At some of these places, the hardness of the rocks means that they would have changed little over hundreds and indeed thousands of years. They may therefore have been revered by ancient peoples, who went to contact the spirit of the land and their ancestors.

The two authors visited all the places featured in the book, often chanting, drumming, mediating and dowsing. They encourage readers to visit these sacred places themselves and have their own unique experiences.

Visit Peter Knight’s Stone Seeker website, which includes a link to the book’s Facebook page

Buy the book from Amazon.co.uk

Albion Dreamtime – full cover image

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