Featured book: ‘The Old Stones’ of Britain and Ireland

Andy Burnham has edited a book called The Old Stones: A Field Guide to the Megalithic Sites of Britain and Ireland; published by Watkins Publishing as of September 2018.

It is not the intention here to offer a full book review. Instead, we note some of the contributors, feature a description of the book, provide links to some reviews, then offer some places to buy. Given the time of year, it may make an excellent Christmas present for the megalithomaniac in the family!


In the book there is a foreword by Mike Parker Pearson, professor of British later prehistory, who describes it as “a wonderful guide to the many megaliths of Britain’s neolithic and Bronze Age”. There is then an introduction by Andy Burnham, founder and editor of the Megalithic Portal.

The book contains a chapter by Vicki Cummings, professor of Neolithic archaeology. This represents “a whistle-stop guide to a range of monuments found in Britain and Ireland dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Age”.

It then moves into the directory of the megalithic sites, ordered by country/region/county. Here there are many other contributors, including Robert Hensey, Joshua Pollard, Kenneth Brophy, Anne Teather, Barney Harris, John Barnatt, Adam Welfare, Kirsty Millican, Terence Meaden, Gail Higginbottom, Liz Henty, Sandy Gerrard, Ian McNeil Cooke, Penelope Foreman and more.


“This is the most comprehensive and thought-provoking field guide ever published to the iconic standing stones and prehistoric places of Britain and Ireland. The ultimate insiders’ guide, it gives unparalleled insight into where to find prehistoric sites and how to understand them, by drawing on the knowledge, expertise and passion of the archaeologists, theorists, photographers and stones aficionados who contribute to the world’s biggest megalithic website – the Megalithic Portal. Including over 30 maps and site plans and hundreds of colour photographs, it also contains scores of articles by a wide range of contributors, from archaeologists and archaeo-astronomers to dowsers and geomancers, that will change the way you see these amazing survivals from our distant past.

Locate over 1,000 of Britain and Ireland’s most atmospheric prehistoric places, from recently discovered moorland circles to standing stones hidden in housing estates. Discover which sites could align with celestial bodies or horizon landmarks. Explore acoustic, colour and shadow theory to get inside the minds of the Neolithic and Bronze Age people who created these extraordinary places. Find out which sites have the most spectacular views, which are the best for getting away from it all and which have been immortalized in music.

All royalties from this book go to support the running of the Megalithic Portal”.

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Where to buy

The book can be can be bought directly from the Megalithic Portal Shop.

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