Natural history

Recent survival of dinosaurs?

Given the discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones, and a very well-preserved fossilised dinosaur, one question being asked is: could dinosaurs have survived into much more recent times? The longstanding consensus is that (non-avian) […]

The sky above

Our electric universe

The Electric Universe theory has been described as “a controversial but promising theory where plasma and electric charge are responsible for most things that we take for granted”(1). If true, what implications does it have […]

Natural history

The Cave Bear vs our Forebears

The cave bear went extinct some 24,000 years ago. It was a largely vegetarian species, whose remains were mostly found in caves, hence the name. There is some contested evidence that ancient humans venerated the […]

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RSS Archaeology news

  • Bronze Age Pit Possibly Linked to Medieval Assembly Site 15 January 2019
    FIFE, SCOTLAND—According to a report in The Courier, a Bronze Age cremation pit has been discovered at a site in southeast Scotland where open-air councils are thought to have been held during the medieval period. Cremated bone recovered from the pit was dated to nearly 4,000 years ago. Alastair Rees of ARCHAS Archaeology said such […]
  • World War I–Era Submarine Revealed in France 15 January 2019
    WISSANT, FRANCE—BBC News reports that a World War I–era German submarine is emerging from the sands on a beach in northern France. “Pieces reappear from time to time, but this is the first time we discover so much,” said local tour guide Vincent Schmitt. The submarine’s crew is known to have flooded and abandoned the […]
  • Luxurious Buildings Uncovered in Bulgaria’s Philipopolis 15 January 2019
    PLOVDIV, BULGARIA—Archaeology in Bulgaria reports that luxurious residential and public buildings dating to the Roman era have been discovered on the southern slope of three hills in the heart of the ancient city of Philipopolis, which was also known as Trimontium. The six structures include a temple dedicated to multiple deities, an inn with a […]

RSS Paleontology news

  • Huge Archaic Whale Was Top Predator in Eocene Oceans 10 January 2019
    The stomach contents preserved in an adult specimen of the archaic whale Basilosaurus isis from the site of the Wadi Al Hitan in Egypt suggest it was an apex (top) predator that fed on smaller whales (juvenile Dorudon atrox) and large fishes (Pycnodus mokattamensis), according to new research, published in the journal PLoS ONE. Apex […]
  • New Jurassic-Era Pterosaur Discovered in England 28 December 2018
    Paleontologists from the University of Portsmouth have discovered the fossilized remains of a new species of ancient flying reptile. The newfound species, named Klobiodon rochei, belongs to an ancient order of flying creatures known as pterosaurs. The winged reptile lived approximately 167 million years ago (Middle Jurassic epoch) and had a wingspan of 6.5 feet […]
  • Plant Fossil from Early Jurassic Pushes Back Origin of Flowers 25 December 2018
    An international team of paleontologists has identified and described a new genus and species of extinct flowering plant (angiosperm), based on over 200 specimens from the South Xiangshan Formation, China. Named Nanjinganthus dendrostyla, the newly-identified plant species dates back to more than 174 million years ago (Early Jurassic epoch), making it the oldest known record […]