The sky above

Our electric universe

The Electric Universe theory has been described as “a controversial but promising theory where plasma and electric charge are responsible for most things that we take for granted”(1). If true, what implications does it have […]

Natural history

The Cave Bear vs our Forebears

The cave bear went extinct some 24,000 years ago. It was a largely vegetarian species, whose remains were mostly found in caves, hence the name. There is some contested evidence that ancient humans venerated the […]

The earth below

Hyperborea – the seventh continent

By Dr Alexander Koltypin. Editor’s introduction: Dr. Alexander Koltypin is a Russian geologist and author whose research on disappeared continents and ancient civilisations has been widely reported online. Here, we feature his thoughts on Hyperborea, […]

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Rock art, Haljesta - Sweden
Newgrange - Ireland
Stone wall - South Wales

RSS Archaeology news

  • Wooden Boat Unearthed in Downtown Sydney 16 November 2018
    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—According to a 9 News report, remains of a nineteenth-century wooden boat were discovered during subway construction near the southern end of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Archaeologist Cosmos Coroneos said such roughly finished boats were used to carry goods around Sydney Harbor and to settlements along the coast, so they were designed to handle […]
  • Site of Late 19th-Century Mansion Investigated in Colorado 16 November 2018
    COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO—KRDO News reports that archaeologists are investigating the grounds of the Glen Eyrie Estate, the home of William Jackson Palmer, who is remembered for founding the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad in 1870 and the city of Colorado Springs in 1871. Palmer’s home is unusual in that he disposed of his trash […]
  • Ice Age Art Revealed in France 15 November 2018
    TUBINGEN, GERMANY—Live Science reports that Ice Age artwork has been found in eastern France’s Grottes d’Agneux under graffiti dating from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries. Harald Floss of the University of Tubingen and his colleagues used scanning technology to look for ancient drawings under the later names, dates, and pictures, and then processed the […]

RSS Paleontology news

  • Mirarce eatoni: Newly-Discovered Cretaceous Bird Lived Among Dinosaurs, Was Strong Flier 13 November 2018
    Paleontologists have unearthed the partial skeleton of an enantiornithine (opposite bird) that lived in what is now Utah approximately 75 million years ago (Late Cretaceous epoch). According to an analysis of the fossil, published in the journal PeerJ, Late Cretaceous enantiornithines were the aerodynamic equals of the ancestors of today’s birds, able to fly strongly […]
  • Geologists Find 310-Million-Year-Old Reptile Footprints in Grand Canyon National Park 9 November 2018
    Geologists have discovered a set of 28 footprints left behind by an ancient reptile approximately 310 million years ago in what is now Grand Canyon National Park. The fossil trackway covers a boulder that rests along the Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon National Park. “A recent rockfall along the Bright Angel Trail produced two […]
  • Modern Birds Inherited Colored Eggs from Their Dinosaur Ancestors, Study Says 2 November 2018
    Modern birds inherited their egg color from non-avian dinosaur ancestors that laid eggs in fully or partially open nests, according to new research led by Yale University researcher Jasmina Wiemann. “This completely changes our understanding of how egg colors evolved,” said Wiemann, a paleontologist in the Department of Geology & Geophysics at Yale University. “For […]